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    Three-proof LED tube and explosion-proof LED tube
    2020-11-15 10:59:30  

    Three-proof LED tube and explosion-proof LED tube

     First of all, the three-proof LED tube and the explosion-proof LED tube are two different types of tubes. Many people will get confused. Because the three-proof lamp includes explosion-proof lamps, it is actually not included, and even the difference is quite large. Below, we will describe it for you to make you more clear.

    Second, what is the three-proof led tube. It refers to the three basic functions of waterproof, dustproof and anticorrosion. 
     1. Waterproof function, the waterproof level is generally required to reach IP65. The requirement is that there will be no water leakage when ordinary water splashes on the shell. This requires ordinary fluorescent lamps or LED tubes to add a three-proof lampshade. Meet the requirements. Of course, if it is waterproof, it will naturally release mist. It is also qualified for high humidity occasions. Of course, you can also use LED waterproof tube instead. There is no need for a shell, and the price of a waterproof led tube may be much more advantageous in terms of cost.
    2. Dustproof function, the three-proof lamp shell has good sealing performance, and it can be used in various dusty occasions. Such as dust, flour, chemical fiber fabrics, etc., it is better to use this kind of lamp in places that are prone to dust, which can not only illuminate, but also prevent dust, and extend the service life of the T8led tube.
      3. Anti-corrosion function. For example, in many chemical plants, in some occasions, there are many corrosive workshops and venues. The general lamps and lanterns cannot meet the requirements. The air is very corrosive and the LED tubes are easily corroded. Then, the problem can be solved with a three-proof lamp. Because its shell is made of PC+ABS plastic, as everyone knows, plastic is organic, and it is not corroded by inorganic substances, which protects the tube.
    THREE. The explosion-proof led tube is an improvement based on the traditional explosion-proof tube. Basically enough. Explosion-proof lampshade + led tube, achieve the purpose of explosion-proof. No need for traditional fluorescent tubes anymore.
    1. The use of led tube aluminum plastic type, explosion-proof is more safe and reliable. Because the aluminum-plastic led tube is made of semi-plastic and semi-aluminum, it has excellent heat dissipation. It is impossible to burst and is very safe. It can completely replace explosion-proof lamps.
    So why should I install an explosion-proof lamp housing?
    The main reason is that the country has not issued relevant explosion-proof requirements for led lamps, that is, there is no basis to check. On the other hand, in order to meet the explosion-proof requirements and meet the fire inspection, if you want to pass the safety inspection, you must follow the old standards to pass the inspection by the relevant department.
    2. Use glass-type led tube, install it into the explosion-proof bracket, and combine the two into one, which can also meet the requirements of explosion-proof tube. The glass LED tube has the risk of breaking, but it is protected by an explosion-proof enclosure. It can meet the standard. There is no problem in replacing the glass fluorescent tube. Glass LED tube has some advantages in price, but its life span is no better than aluminum-plastic LED tube.
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